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WPBakery Page Builder For WordPress Guide

WPBakery Page Builder For WordPress

Every website design needs to be unique. With WPBakery Page Builder, you can work with any WordPress theme of your choice. Build a responsive website and manage your content easily with intuitive WordPress Front end editor. No programming knowledge required. 

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Make Sure WPBakery Page Builder Plugin Is Installed & Active

Make sure you have activated the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. This plugin is NOT built-into a theme (for good reasons) so it must be installed and activated. After installing the theme you should have been prompted to install the recommended plugins. If you chose not to install the Visual Composer then now is the time to do so.

wpbakery page builder active

Define Main Settings

Go to Settings > WPBakery Page Builder to set up the plugin. The most essential part is to enable the composer for the post types you want to use it on. This is actually done via the “Role Manager” tab and the “Post Types” settings. You can actually enable the page builder to be accessible depending on the user role but most likely you’ll only want to edit the “Administrator” settings.

general settings

Using The Page Builder Plugin

The Visual Composer is very easy and doesn’t really need much explanation, have a look at the screenshots below for a quick guide

First, choose if you would like to use the Backend or Frontend editor and click the related button.

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Select The Visual Composer

The Visual Composer Backend Editor

The backend editor includes easy to use options to add page elements or select page templates.

Backend Editor Options


If you click on the + symbol the Visual Composer will open a window to add elements. Here you will find all of the Visual Composer and Total page building modules. To add a page element simply click on it.

Visual Composer Page Elements

Use the page element options to customize your page. Each element has different options for customizations like colors, fonts, margin, images, and more. Below is a map of the backend editor with helpful pointers for the editor options.

Backend Editor Map

After adding elements make sure to save your page.

The Visual Composer Frontend Editor

The frontend Visual Composer includes all of the same page building options as the backend. The only difference is that you can see the actual page elements as you insert theme instead of place holders.

Frontend Editor Map