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Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

Visual Composer WordPress Plugin

What is Visual Composer?

Visual Composer is a great WordPress plugin for beginners to build a website, it allows you to drag and drop elements to build and edit your WordPress site. You can simply attach new text blocks, buttons, images, etc. Easily drag the element to the page and then customize the properties to your liking.

It is developed by a third party but integrates well with our themes and plugins.

Use visual composer to easily create your WordPress site.

How To Install Visual Composer?

Visual Composer can be installed like any other regular WordPress plugin by uploading the visualcomposer.zip file to your WordPress site:

  1. Open your WordPress Admin panel and navigate to Plugins;
  2. Select ‘Add New’ (upper left corner);
  3. Select ‘Upload Plugin’ (upper left corner);
  4. Choose to upload visualcomposer.zip from your computer and click ‘Install Now’;
  5. WordPress will install the plugin automatically;
  6. Click ‘Activate Plugin’ to finish the installation.

Activate WordPress plugin after install

You can now use Visual Composer Website Builder on your site.

Nevertheless, to receive additional elements, templates, and extensions it is required to activate Visual Composer Hub access for Free (limited) or Premium versions.

Visual Composer Hub Activation

Right after installation (or at any point in using Visual Composer), it is recommended to activate the access to the Visual Composer Hub. A cloud marketplace for downloading additional elements, templates, and extensions.

Visual Composer Hub access comes in Free (limited) or Premium version. For Premium customers, there is no limit to downloading additional content.

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To activate Visual Composer Hub, select ‘Unlock Visual Composer’ and choose either Free or Premium version. For the full activation process follow:

You can purchase Visual Composer Premium access to the Visual Composer Hub for one site, three sites, and unlimited sites (Developer License). You can compare Free vs Premium benefits and upgrade from Free to Premium at any time.

Plugin Update

There are 2 types of updates available for Visual Composer Website Builder:

  • Plugin update;
  • Visual Composer Hub (cloud marketplace) update.

Plugin update is a regular way of how plugin update works in WordPress. An update notification will appear in your WordPress admin dashboard under the Plugins section and will allow updating automatically.

WordPress plugin update notification in WordPress admin dashboard

Visual Composer Hub update is the most common way how Visual Composer Website Builder will receive updates. The update will contain new and improved elements, templates, and extensions. Visual Composer Hub update is performed automatically and doesn’t require any steps to take.

For the new elements, templates, and extensions, visit Visual Composer Hub frequently.

Minimum System Requirements

Visual Composer has been developed to work with WordPress. You can check compliance of Visual Composer with your WordPress site via the Visual Composer System Status page in Settings.

Visual Composer server requirements are aligned with WordPress requirements:

  • Recommended PHP 7.2 or higher;
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher (you can also run WordPress on MariaDB 10.0 or higher);
  • HTTPS support (this has become mandatory in terms of good SEO).

For the Visual Composer Hub access, it may be required to ensure that the following settings are in place:

  • wp-content/uploads folder is writable (More information in WP Codex);
  • Memory limit in php.ini is set to memory_limit = 256M;
  • Max execution time in php.ini is set to max_execution_time = 90.
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