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Ninja Popups Plugin For WordPress

Ninja Popups Plugin For WordPress

Setup & Installation

To install Ninja Popups plugin you’ll need to purchase it, once you’ve done that the plugin is ready to download. Installation is pretty easy, just go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Upload. Select the file from your computer and activate it.

Once activated, Ninja Popups can be located under settings in your WordPress Dashboard.

Ninja Popups Menu

Building Your First Popup

Under the Ninja Popups menu click on the option “Add New Popup”, you’ll be taken to the general setup page. Given the number of options available.

Once you’ve finished naming your pop-up, you can pick from one of the ready-made themes or you can customize yours using the Theme Builder. The ready-made themes contain 20 potential options, many of which offer multiple color choices and a social option.

Ninja Popups creating a popup

Building your first popup is easy

Ready Themes

By choosing a Ready Theme, you’ll be avoiding the necessity to use the theme builder (we’ll come across that soon). However that doesn’t mean your pop-up can’t be customized, there are a total of 54 options to choose from, and they are all customizable.

Ninja Popups Themes

This is just a sample of the available themes


The initial set of customizations available are the content options. Ninja Popups allows you to customize the width of your pop-up, plus all of the different components included:

  • Header text and font size
  • A sub-header (bold or normal) and font size
  • The main body text
  • Bullet lists
  • Images & Video embedding
  • Custom name and email placeholders
  • Custom fields
  • Submit button text, loading and success text
  • Button color and gradient settings



Ninja Popups plugin allows you to control the overlay opacity as well as assign an image. This lets you obtain the combination that best highlights your opt-in form.

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Display Settings

If your opt-in form is date specific, you’ll want to use these fields. Leaving them blank indicates that your pop-up is active all the time. Yet, filling in these fields means you can define both a start date and an end date for your form.

Welcome and Exit Settings

The welcome settings give control over when your pop-up will load with 3 separate options including on page load, after X second of inactivity, or when the user scrolls down the page. The Exit setting also provides 3 options for displaying a pop-up that includes exiting the page (using a system signal), when the mouse leaves the viewport, and when the user clicks an external link.

Close Button & Delay

Several things are extra annoying than a pop-up you can’t seem to find a way to close. To keep your viewers happy, there is an auto-close delay that can be set. There is also the option to show a close button (with 7 styles to choose from) as well as a link with customizable text.


Ninja Popups plugin gives you control over your cookies as well with 2 options. You can control how long after a visitor converts the opt-in form will be disabled for. This can be set for anything from complete disable, or the current session only, to a specified number of days.

If a visitor fails to convert you can control the same possibilities. Keep in mind that this is a setting that has a large impact on user experience. If a visitor closes your opt-in form, think very carefully about when you might want to present it to them again. Nothing is more disturbing than a form that keeps popping up even after you’ve closed it.


You’ll need to be careful when using this feature it has the ability to redirect after a user determines to opt-in. Although Ninja Popups lets you do it, constantly make sure your visitor comprehends beforehand that it’s going to happen. For example, opting in to get access to a particular page or giveaway file is ok. Redirecting surprisingly to a sales page isn’t good.

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Additional Features

There are two options available for custom CSS and JS. Plus, if you’re not using an auto-responder, you’ll be able to forward opt-ins to your email address.

Theme Builder

A new feature in Ninja Popups is the theme builder which allows you to build your own custom pop-up opt-ins. It’s almost straightforward to use and gives lots of control over the styling. Once you’ve set the size, simply drag in the wanted components such as:

  • Text
  • Bullet point list
  • Images
  • Boxes
  • Buttons
  • Input fields, text boxes, and selector boxes
  • Horizontal lines

All individual component provides for customizations as well. For example, a text element can be repositioned, rotated, font changed, background added, border added, or animation applied. In addition to the individual components, the pop-up as a whole allows for the same degree of control including the full suite of Animate.css options.

Ninja Forms Visual Theme Builder
Another thing worth noting is that the theme builder appeared a little rough around the edges. There were moments when the interface just didn’t want to interact with smaller window sizes and other times when it was a real hurdle to get specific components to line up accurately. The problem could always be fixed, but it was irritating none the less.

Ninja Popups Builder problem

The visual theme builder can be a little annoying.

A/B Testing & Analytics

Ninja Popups plugin does have built-in A/B Split testing, allowing you to select and split test any number of published forms. You also have access to analytics separately for each pop-up form.


The Settings menu contains a few things of value which we’ll go over here.

Ninja Popups Settings Menu

General Settings includes an option to enable or disable the plugin overall. Plus there is an option to disable the plugin on mobile devices, which is usually certain for user experience. Lastly, if you’re using Google Analytics on your website, there is an option to enable GA Event Tracking.

Welcome is the first of two important options – how are visitors greeted to your website? You can select the default pop-up plus choose where it will be presented (homepage, posts, or categories). There is also an option to disable the plugin for users who are logged in.

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Exit options provideyou a limited control over the popup form when readers are exiting your site. In addition to being able to select the individual pop-up, you choose where it will be displayed (pages, posts, etc.) You can also disable it for special and multiple URLs as well as logged-in users.

Ninja popups email integrations

Mailing List Manager is where you can pick which email marketing platform you’re using. Ninja Popups offers plenty of options in this section including 19 third-party providers plus email, CSV, and HTML. Some of the email marketing platforms included are:

  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Campaign Monitor
  • InfusionSoft
  • Sendy
  • MyEmma & more

Advanced Settings includes options for more advanced users including the ability to disable some of the added scripts in case of conflict. In case you looking for a way to disable the affiliate sign on your forms, you’ll see that in here as well.


Ninja Popups offers many fairly priced add-ons that enhance the functionality of the plugin. The first is a 10 Theme Pack for $7. If you can’t get a theme that works for you from the ones that are provided, you can grab 10 more for under a dollar each.

Following the Optin Bars Pack which will allow you to insert a footer opt-in forms on your website. This add-on includes 16 pre-built themes with customizable colors and variations for just $7.

Ninja Popups Footer Add-on

The last add-on is Ninja Widget Extra that enables responsive in-line opt-in forms in your pages, posts, or sidebar. For only $6, this extension turns out the feature-set and makes sure you’ve met all your bases for opt-in form placement.

Pricing & Support

Ninja Popups plugin for WordPress is available on the Envato Marketplace for $27 which includes 6 months of support from the developer as well as an option to extend that to 12 months for an additional $8.25. Ninja Popups preserves a high rating with almost 4.8 stars and over 1728 reviews.