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How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress
How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

Do you want to create an online store? Or, you are still racking your brain? Well, you are in the exact spot. This guide explains bit by bit the way to start an online store from A to Z. 

When you are done with it, a fully functioning e-business site with products and shopping carts should be under your possession and control. Now, without much knowledge about coding and design, you are able to start your own e-store operation by virtue of modern solutions and tools.

1. Make Your Mind What Do You Want To Sell 🔍

Choosing your niche is the initial paramount step to make. Of course, a niche denotes a determined part of a larger market.

We will simplify it below. When picking your niche, you have to essentially decide:

  • The product or service to sell?
  • The buyers?
  • Why do they buy it?

Three questions that are superficial at first sight, but in-depth and key-guide clues after thorough analysis and analytics.

In order to facilitate your job, you need to delineate the base of your ideal client and find out their reason behind purchasing from your e-store. Individuals have a strong hope that chances to make good sales are likely to be achieved when the potential markets are larger – which is not the case – and they are wrong.

Let us suppose that your intended audience are normal people with no interests. Here, locating your production in the marketplace is a tough job. The harder mission is to show the worth of your product and to promote it. Generally speaking, paying more attention to one niche is better than doing everything with vigor.

Regarding the difficulty of operating in a field which you have no idea about, we recommend that you start in a ground that you are interested in, you are passionate about and you have expertise in. 

Hence, start navigating from the port of your interests. Know your ideal customers and their reason to purchase the services and products you will exhibit. Moreover, checking the status of the rivalry in the niche is a clever way to start. For instance, you need to find out who their customers are, and the way they position their own products. Based on their experience, learn and improve yourself.

2. Decide Between The Sale Of Your Own Products And Dropshipping 🚚

To begin, let us clarify this famous eCommerce couple:

The second script is the old school way of running a virtual online store:

  • This scenario starts with you getting the products from the supplier or creating them yourself. Then, on your website, you present those products to customers. Finally, the customer purchases the product and you send the merchandise to its destination.

The scenario of the dropshipping model is the following:

  • Here you get started by listing the services and/or the products on your WordPress website, then the customer buys the product. Eventually, the supplier directly sends the product to the customer

The reality of dropshipping is joyful. Your sales are 100% your profit. Why? Because, the moment you receive the customer’s order, you just pay the supplier. As simple as that. So, there are no costs since you are not making or storing the product. Also, no need to handle any inventory.  

In the old school method, you have to pay out money before getting the products from the supplier or having them fabricated. Also, you ought to do it prior to beginning selling them.

In contrast, in case the products you intend to sell are of your own production or will be subject to customization before being sold, then, you are not definitely concerned with dropshipping.

Generally speaking, if this is your first try to launch a virtual store, then, choose drop shipping if possible. Dropshipping lets you put out the feelers in order to ensure that the customers want to purchase the products you intend to sell. Once you are sure, you may enlarge your e-business via your own products.

3. Pick The Right Products to Sell 🛍️

The presence of a multitude of various products to pick from almost every niche is a great feature of dropshipping.  

This is considered good tidings for new businesses that do not risk investing in the development of their own product. Below are the general moves:

  • Investigate your niche systematically. Study the kind of products sold by your rivals, and of course what are their top-selling ones.
  • Check the content of the sites on the web to know the sort of products, challenges, and overall stuff your target public looks for.
  • Visit forums linked to the niche and examine the interests of your customers.
  • Google keywords that are the most significant to your niche.
  • On Amazon, find keywords most relevant to the niche and check the best-selling items.

After digging deep as told, you should be ready enough to visit well-known markets and search for particular items for sale.

The most significant market of this kind is AliExpress. According to most standards, AliExpress is a common eBusiness marketplace, but it permits you to build relationships with business people. And, as a drop shipper, you can offer their products. So, pay AliExpress a visit and seek items that are in agreement with the research you have done. The products should be appealing to your customers.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

Ten to fifty items is what we suggest beginning with. An average between 50 and 10 is sufficient to fairly fill your store. In addition, it does prevent overburdening you with the detailed on-going process when you are regularly busy in the store.

You need to remember the following stuff ahead of assembling a list of items:

  • Some terms are under your control such as the shipping calendars. You decide what is suitable. You need to verify the shipping schedule to ensure it does not surpass your adjustments.
  • Trademarks and brands are risky and complicated to deal with as a newbie. Try to evade getting involved with sharks like Gillette and Nescafé.
  • You are selling to gain profit. So, consider that drop shippers approximately determine their leeways at fifty percent mark. Regarding this fact, when you sell, put your attention on products that guarantee you the double profit of their price. 
  • Your customers are the core of your business, and some products cannot be shipped to specific destinations. Thus, ensure that the demanded items are eligible for shipping to your customers’ locations and at the minimum cost.

If you remember, we advised before that a margin of products going from 50 to 10 is secure and sufficient to begin with. The time of getting the products to your virtual store, we will use that list.

4.Pop up With a Trade Name and Register a Host Name 📛

In general, people enjoy naming stuff, in particular, businesses. In addition, selecting a name for the store is the amusing touch of the entire process.  

That amusing touch is also decisive. We do suggest reminding you of some tips when picking the trade name, since the chosen name will affect your marketing results, and somehow, determines the success or failure of your business.

Ease And Clarity Of Name’s Pronunciation

When you are clarifying the letters of the name of your store, in plain, for the hearer to catch it, then, you must rethink about the chosen name, dude! In other words, the name is quite complicated. Hence, opt first for ease and clarity.

A Name That Rings A Bell

Ease and clarity are important but not sufficient. Regardless of them, the name of your virtual store should be memorized without effort.

Deciding the wanted name is feasible. The first way is an entirely brand new created word such as your name, and,  “Amazon ” is an example. Another solution, you have the possibility to join two words denoting true meaning, yet, their union is considered an innovation,  “Fire-Fox” is a model.

Your Name’s Authenticity Is Beyond Question

The authenticity of the name prevents mistaking you for the same niche businesses.

As an example, in case you intend to call your coffeeshop “Tim’s Coffee” but there’s another shop in the area called “Timmy’s Coffee”, then your choice is not a great one.

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The shorter, The better

Your name or its combination should not exceed two (2) to three (3) words. The more you add, the less trademark it becomes.

Forget Special Characters Or Numbers

Furthermore, underscores, dashes, dots, etc. should not be used when choosing the name.

Availability Matters. Pick One as a .com Domain

Any eye can easily notice which domain name extension is the most well-known and the most crucial? When aiming at a marveling name, avoid picking what doesn’t have an obtainable  .com domain.

Sites such as Domain.com show whether the domain name is accessible or not, however, do not purchase immediately.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

5. On Your Own, Launch A Virtual Store Website 🛠️

Well, eventually, time to create a genuine virtual store 

The good tidings tell that creating a genuine virtual store is easily doable on your own. In other words, you don’t need professional assistance. In addition, the quality of the ultimate result won’t be at stake. Kill two birds with one stone: Amazingly-appearing and operational online store of a future expert.

1) Sign Up For Web Hosting On Bluehost

Bluehost is witnessed to provide low-priced blue-chip services. The bill for thirty days is just $2.75. For that, we do strongly recommend it.

Go to Bluehost.com  and click on the main button to begin

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

Choose the most low-cost plan, then click on select:

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

The following move is to fill the hostname for your store:

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

For the initial year, you are getting the hostname for no cost.

2) Install WordPress

We will resort to WordPress as the base for your online store since this operating system for websites is reliable, publicly-available, and easily manageable. Setting WordPress in place starts with logging in to your Bluehost user panel. Then, in My Sites, click on Create Site.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

Bluehost wants you to provide a few routine basic details such as a tagline and the name you want to choose.

Then pick your domain name from the list. Here, note that Bluehost asks for this just to be certain of the address you will want to use on the site.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

To have WordPress installed, click Next. Then, within some eye blinks, a confirmation screen pops up. Now, you can log in to the administrator panel of your WordPress site.

3) Have WooCommerce Installed

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WooCommerce is a plugin. It is the extension of WordPress for the e-Business service. Basically, the unpaid open-source WooCommerce is going to permit you to set an online store in motion. The installation requires you to log in to the WordPress administration panel. Then, you must head to Plugins then Add New that exists in the sidebar menu. Into the search field, type “WooCommerce”, then install and activate the plugin.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

To start your virtual store, WooCommerce leads you across the initial procedures of setup.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

4) Let Your Products Join In

Adding your initial items to the catalog of your store should take place in this step.  In case you will exhibit your own products, then add them in Products → Add Product. The following screen will pop up:

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

In this interface, you see enough space dedicated to your product name and description. Moreover, the field is open for the other details such as the shipping info and price.

Note that drop shipping means that you ought to place an extra plugin. This additional plugin allows you to bring products from the providers. You can resort to Drophip.me which is among the best solutions for newbies stores. At first, the plugin is unpaid, then you can get the paid upgraded plan in case you will import additional items.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

You are able to reach beyond 50,000 dropshipping products from markets such as AliExpress once you finish installing Dropship.me, 

5) Pick a Theme

Now, the ultimate move is to choose the theme – in other words, a design package- and the good news here is that WordPress has a gigantic repository of themes.

At this moment, after the clarification, there are three specific themes we want to accentuate since they bring with them their own particular advantages:

  • Neve. This visually-pleasing theme functions with divergent thinking and brings an improved design for an eBusiness store.
  • Storefront. This theme is the official one of WooCommerce. The entire basic features are included and effortlessly manageable. Although the design is a little basic, it possibly meets your needs.
  • Astra. It is a versatile version of the theme providing a huge base of starter sites and settings which you can examine and go through. Use that one in case you are a tinsmith.

6. Ways Of Payment To Set Up 💳

The ultimate portion of the whole process when you try to launch a virtual store is accepting payments from buyers.

WooCommerce lets you receive payments by means of Paypal, systematically. Putting this payment method into action does not require that effort from you. For instance, you may have already dealt with it meanwhile the first WooCommerce installation.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

Nevertheless, you are not handcuffed with PayPal. Hence, you are totally free to employ one way of payment or more. Note that your vendees might like a method better than another. So, for your advantage, you need to affix more payment methods to get more sales.

We are positive you accept credit cards. For that purpose, Square and Stripe are two great and exceptional alternatives. We believe it is enough to say they are among the utmost well-known extra ways of payment for WooCommerce 

In the beginning, the two of Square and Stripe are unpaid. Nevertheless, be cognizant that extra charges are demanded with each transaction done which is also the case with PayPal.

Effortlessly, you are able to set up a new way of payment in your e-business store. You are able to install the payment systems the way you installed WooCommerce since they are given like WordPress plugins.

Later on, every way of payment brings its private installation steps. However and generally speaking, you must sign up for an account. Also, you need to check your details.

7. Begin commercializing Your E-Store 📢

About your store, several ways are at your service to spread the word. Yet, we will only underline four, since they are expected to be the most functioning from 2020 and on.

Influencer Marketing

To boost your online store, Influencer Marketing is moderately considered a new method, and the majority of it is done on Instagram.

This is how it functions:

  1. You need to look for well-known individuals in your niche or even distinguishable for any reason.
  2. Then, you will contact them in order to seek information such as their rates for promoting items similar to your own ones. In addition, you need to care about the volume of their followings, then inquire about how many engagements they receive under posts that are alike.
  3. Eventually, accept working on two or three promotional posts, and send your items to them.

Paid Advertisements

Generally speaking, paid commercials are successful. So, in case it exists a market for a product or service and you aim at it with ads, definitely, you are getting some sales.

Google AdWords is absolutely the top popular platform aiming at advertising your products. Note that setting stuff in motion with them sounds moderately smooth. Do not worry, while going through the first moves, Google does provide you with its own guides.

Marketing Via Social Media

Nowadays, Instagram is absolutely the uttermost slick-fashioned social media network. However, promoting your online store is easily feasible on other social media networks since Instagram is not the only way.

As a matter of fact, the golden rule is to follow your customers. In other words, you need to be where they are likely to spend time. We cannot deny that people are everywhere on the net. Hence, visit all the prevailing social media networks. Well, at least, stick to the most popular of them like Twitter and Facebook.

The overall technique towards all these networks is going to be identical. Nevertheless, the aim and the manner you compose your messages will not be the same.

Prior to doing anything, you really must dig deep to observe your rivals and their ways to promote their virtual stores. Examine the maneuvers and plans they use and manage your own state of affairs. Also, focus on:

  • What type of messages your rivals publish.
  • The rate of posting.
  • The frequency of direct promotion of their products.
  • Their overall tone and how their messages affect you.

The following step is to determine your own objectives such as what you want to accomplish via social media.

Customarily speaking, your objectives need to rise cognizance within buyers. By the way, promote your products and attempt to make direct sales just from time to time. Be cautious that forcing things more than necessary will distance customers fast.

Afterward, you must prepare and manage a publication calendar. Also, it is crucial that a few social media posts be ready ahead of time. Later, via the assistance of  Buffer, you will be able to spread the posts.

Content Commercialization And SEO

E-Business stores and websites do resort to SEO and content marketing as the utmost powerful ways of promoting, in this day and age.

Content marketing is based on a plain idea. You make interest related to what you offer after providing people with an understanding of topics attached to your business. As simple as that.

By way of illustration, you provide buyers with advice on how to choose socks for skiing, in case your business is selling winter socks. But how are you going to advise them? You can convey the message in a plain blog post. Hence, customers are introduced to the store and the socks in the catalog when they read the blogs.

We want you to note that this system is equally applied to each niche and market. In Brief, seek people’s needs and inquiries, then, build content for them to read and where you implement their wants.

Meanwhile, to ensure being more detectable by Google, enhance your content, buddy. That is recommended because it is stated that Google is behind 94% of the total traffic on the web.


In brief, setting your e-store is – globally speaking – not complicated. Just like any other business, to swiftly start your store, you must line up the moves and get the most out of brand new means such as WooCommerce and WordPress.

To summarize, the entire moves are listed below

  1. Make your mind what product you want to sell.
  2. Decide between selling your own products and dropshipping.
  3. Select the accurate items to sell.
  4. Create a commercial name and register a hostname.
  5. By yourself, set a virtual store website in motion. 
  6. Install ways of payment.
  7. Begin commercializing your e-store.


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