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How To Monetize A WordPress Blog

How To Monetize A WordPress Blog

How To Monetize A WordPress Blog

I start this article by telling you that the largest portion of people treat blogging as if it was a page in social media, for personal purposes. This portion may not know that they can monetize a WordPress blog. For instance, earning more cash is easy when running a blog. If I did draw your attention, I think you may be wondering about the best ways to monetize your blog, isn’t it?

Well, earning money from blogging indeed needs effort and time. But, the glad tidings is the possibility of monetizing a WordPress blog via several probationer-friendly ways. In other words, you are free to choose the way that suits you and stick to it till the moment money knocks at your door.

Why monetize your blog? how? And what are the means to do so? These are the main parts we will see together in this guide. Let’s get started, my fellow! 

Why Monetize Your Blog?

Well, before proving why monetize your blog, we reverse the question: Why not monetize your blog? Who one earth does not need money? 

Running a website may take all your time and become a full-time job. The mission of blogging specifically needs you to publish new content periodically to retain your audience. Hence, the minimum required is to do research, write, and edit. You might also expand your mission towards coordinating with guest bloggers, writers, and everybody who can benefit you.

Are you going to do research, write and edit, coordinate with guest bloggers and writers for free?! In return for such an effort, making money via blogging does make sense. It is logical and normal. Take into consideration that for some bloggers, blogging is their main source of income. Such a  type of income is somehow hard to establish, and maintaining the website requires money. Monetizing your WordPress blog will help with the costs.

According to which method you take, you can get income with no or little effort while enhancing your blog. How? Simply a lot of monetization methods do not require much work from your side.

Best Ways To Monetize A Website

Respectable traffic to your blog means you have a large range of options permitting you to make money. So, Let us hover around some of the most doable and well-known options.

1. Affiliate Marketing

According to Google, the term affiliate denotes ‘’a person or organization officially attached to a larger body.’’, hence, doing service whether direct or indirect for that larger body. 

I believe you have encountered some blogs that support products via top-ten list way, reviews, and comparable content. In numerous cases. Those blogs are bonded to affiliate marketing. In other words, they promote products from go-between companies. The blogger gets a cut from the sale when a visitor purchases a product post reading the blog.

Contemporarily, a variety of affiliate programs are available for you that you can sign up with preeminent ease. For instance, Amazon lets you promote its products on your website. Using an affiliate link of yours and purchasing an item from Amazon means you are getting a percentage of the deal.

Nevertheless, you shall only promote services or items that you are able or ready to certify. Parallelly, your readers need to benefit from those products. So be cautious to look for affiliate programs with first-class fame. Even at this stage, plugins are available to explore. Moreover, they can support you monetizing your website with a suitable affiliate technique.


How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

The moment you engage yourself in affiliate marketing, and, across your content, you must start adding links to the products you are promoting. This mission is not easy. For that, this plugin allows you to pick keywords, then automatically join them for your affiliate links.

By the same token, ThirstyAffiliates offers you thorough reports. Adding to this, it may promote various items according to the origin of your visitors. Well, this is a paid plugin. Yet, it is worthy if you are taking affiliate marketing seriously.


How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

Via providing you with the option to set a global affiliate rate, the AffiliateWP delivers quite a basic technique. Also, a few options are available for you to set per-affiliate rates.

Using this tool, you can build nearly unlimited sets of combinations, referrals, products, affiliates, and options. Besides, this tool is consistent with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

Affiliates Manager

How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

The Affiliates Manager plugin is specifically designed for users who are already running an eCommerce operation. Affiliates Manager is completely consistent with the biggest portion of eCommerce solutions. You can handle any amount of affiliates. This way, your e-business is getting more traffic.

The user is also able to set combinations of affiliate commission rates. Moreover, the payment of the affiliates is simple via PayPal. On top of that, you will have a lot of reporting options. Thus, you can trail the kind of contribution your affiliate program makes.

2. Advertising

I believe you do know a filtering software called adblocker. Its name defines its role. Advertising is a whole pester and industry for users and surfers. Marketing via online ads is simple: You pay a website to display your commercials in a particular area. Then, just watch the traffic knocking at your door.

At the same time, managing a famous blog means visitors are likely to feel happy paying you to show ads for their websites on some of your pages. Generally speaking, those ads come in two types:

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC). According to this method, people pay you each time visitors click on their ads on your website.
  2. Pay Per Impression (PPI). The term impression here means views. This type of advertisement is relatively inexpensive, regarding that you do not ensure clicks on the ads you run, mere impressions, or views.

Look out! Making respectful money from administering ads means your website is getting so much traffic. Also, you need to watch the number of commercials you insert and their location, to evade flooding or irritating readers.

Setting advertising in motion on your blog means you must sign up for a reliable ad network. Among the most famous alternatives, we mention  Google Adsense, yet there are several other solutions as well. Moreover, you may examine numerous useful plugins in WordPress.

 Adrotate Banner Manager

monetize wordpress blog 4

The mission of running advertisements on your blog is a great ATM. Yet, it is not as simple as it sounds. It may become somehow complicated. You ought to fathom the best placement for the advertisement, rotate it, trail the clicks and impressions, etc.

You will commonly employ an advertisement platform that deals with those tasks instead of you. Namely, the AdRotate Banner Manager plugin allows you to take care of all of your advertisements directly from WordPress. When you resort to this plugin, you can get access to analytics, connect to many ad networks – comprising AdSense -, and personalize ad placement.

3. Sponsored Posts

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External websites may receive plenty of traffic from well-known weblogs. A lot of business people and companies are aware of that. Hence, to get a portion of the traffic, they are usually paying blogs in their niche to publish sponsored posts.

As written above, with a weblog enjoying a decent number of followers, business owners are likely to pay you well for sponsored posts. Notwithstanding, like affiliate marketing, you should be pretty choosy about the products or services you are promoting. Your public has faith in you, so if you sponsor services, products, or business which are below the average, be ready to deal positively with unnecessary negative evaluation.

Let’s see the bright side away from precautions. Funded posts provide a faster way to monetize your blog in comparison with running ads or affiliate marketing. To excel in setting stuff in motion, you need to resort to a platform that allows you to contact business owners like  PayPerPost and IZEA, who are curious about publishing on your weblog.

Another great alternative is the Taboola network. It does have a plugin that you can include on your website.


How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

Let us give you a glance at Taboola. This network is a platform connecting individuals willing to enhance their business on successful websites (just like you!). The Taboola plugin links to your account and creates a widget on your WordPress website promoting the content that matches your blog.

Although the plugin is unpaid, you need to sign up as an advertiser to use it. In case you are seeking the most passive way of monetizing your WordPress weblog, we do recommend that you consider it.

4. Sell Content

You can generate online income via a variety of ways. Selling digital content is doable wherever there is a well. Let’s take cooking as your specialty. You can provide premium recipes for download. Moreover, you may launch a subscription service for food, meals, and snack plans.

Besides, you can understand and express the potential for selling electronic books or diverse digital content from your WordPress website relying on the assistance of extensive eCommerce options of WordPress. Moreover, in case you have faithful blog followers, then, providing extended collections or versions of your content are mere two methods to enlarge your offerings. Assistance in this part of content sales is doable via various plugins.

WordPress Download Manager 

How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

The WordPress Download Manager plugin is an unpaid sturdy option that takes care of sales of digital downloads. Your touch is to establish the user’s roles, file controls, passwords, etc…

We can tell more, you can insert this tool with numerous file managers, namely Google Drive and Box. Moreover, you can turn the download manager into an entirely-operative eCommerce alternative using a free add-on.

5. Sell Online Courses

The sale of online courses is another possible source of money for your WordPress blog. You can create the chance for individuals to profit from your experience if you are good at a particular thing. Using Learning Management System (LMS) plugins of WordPress which are designed for educational purposes. Here is one of them:


How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

LearnPress provides the user with the necessary means to set up courses such as tests, quizzes, and more tasks. Also, setting up communication forums, exporting courses, and managing students in addition to configuring requirement course settings are easily feasible with various unpaid add-ons.

Speaking of eCommerce, LearnPress is consistent with PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, and a multitude of other online shopping means. Although LearnPress is free of charges, you have to place bucks in some premium add-ons to reach the checkout and payment experience you want.


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