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How To Fix A Website With Blocked Mixed Content In WordPress

How To Fix A Website With Blocked Mixed Content In WordPress

How To Fix A Website With Blocked Mixed Content In WordPress

Nowadays, we can tell no website functions without an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). This certificate is both a fantastic tool to secure your website and an amazing SEO boost.

Nevertheless, mistakes and faults take place during the setting up and managing of the SSL certificate and along the configuration of your WordPress site to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). In addition, among the regular errors, you will note the “mixed content” or “insecure content”.

This irritating nightmare will get on your nerves. Because of it, some content is shown as alerts, thus, customers think your site contains malevolent elements and become suspicious. Guess what would be the result? Farewell them, dude.

Noticing this fault and fixing it right away is your only way to cease affecting your commerce and traffic. This detailed documentation tells how to repair the issue of “mixed content” by means of a simple unpaid plugin.

Definition of Mixed Content Mistake

Insecure content aka mixed content fallacy generally takes place in case there is a problem with the configuration of the HTTPS of your WordPress website.

For instance, when your media links and images load over the old HTTP the time your site was already configured for HTTPS, search engines suspect and doubt the media, then pops up “insecure content” alert to warn your visitors about potentially harmful content (which is in fact not harmful). 

How To Fix A Website With Blocked Mixed Content In WordPress

Search engines such as Ask.com and Yahoo show an alert pop-up near the HTTPS lock telling that your site has mixed content the time the issue happens. Yet, in place of the secured lock symbol, they are going to spot an alert sign next to HTTPS.

How To Fix A Website With Blocked Mixed Content In WordPress

Concerning certain cases, if it considers the mixed content detrimental to customers, the browser takes an extra move and blocks a page or scripts. 

In addition, search engines take it as harmful content and block the scripts from loading the time a site employs HTTPS and loads codes like JaveScript in HTTP. The browser may go farther by blocking a page by exhibiting a spooky alerting one to the users.

How Mixed Content Breaks Your Website

Generally speaking, insecure content may just result in limited little damage to your WordPress website. You are going to notice that pages and posts will go on loading and your site works normally. Nevertheless, letting the website as it is may break both it and the business. 

The time you notice an alert message near a website, look out! That is a warning sign. Foresee visiting eBay or Amazon to purchase an item. Suddenly, a mixed content alert pops up. You will hesitate and think twice before filling in your personal information, isn’t it?

From time to time, the problem may muddle with the content and design of your site. Take, for example, a crucial JavaScript script can be blocked from loading by your browser, hence, the system will not properly display the website theme to the customers. Even worse, significant data and elements such as video and images are no longer visible.  

Checking Manner For Mixed Content Errors

Fortunately, the problem is easy to repair. Yet, beforehand, you are called to determine the content behind the error. This step can be done by means of the tools of the developer of the search engine.

How To Check For Mixed Content Errors

The time you are using Google Chrome, visit the website and do a right-click to select Inspect Element that opens the developer tools console, or simply do a short cut with Control+Shift+ I. Now, change over to the security tab in order to notice the entire alert messages. Once there, all website errors linked to mixed content are under your sight. 

For Firefox users, to reach developer tools and see all the warning messages in the console tab, simply combine Control + Shift+ I

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Thanks to this way, you are able to find out the type of media, links, and scripts that are loaded over HTTP and repair the links in order to be loaded correctly over HTTPS. 

Way To Get Insecure Mixed Content Error Fixed

How To Fix Insecure Content Error

Well, you need to pass by long manual steps to repair every single mixed content error in case you have an old version of the HTML website. Yet, no more worries, a plugin is available that permits WordPress to promptly fix the errors. 

SSL Insecure Content Fixer is so named due to its aptitude. It is a plugin created for the purpose of repairing the errors of mixed content. Below you will see how it functions.

Step 1: SSL Insecure Content Fixer Set Up

Install SSL Insecure Content Fixer

First, begin by setting up the plugin on your site. Then, access the administrator dashboard of your WordPress site and click on Plugins >> Add New. Now, seek your priceless SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin, click Install then, Activate.

Step 2: Select The Target Content To Repair

Select Which Content To Fix

The moment the plugin is set up, enable it by heading to Settings >> SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin tab. Once there, you are also able to pick the content that requires being repaired. 

To repair errors, five various configurations are available in the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin

  1. Simple: Prior to any other thing, this method is advisable as an attempt in case you are a newbie. This way does an uncomplicated action repairing the majority of ordinary insecure content problems. 
  2. Content: In addition to all what the Simple option execute, text widget and content fixing are done by this method. In case the first option did not work, resort to this one to fix the problem.
  3. Widgets: The entire errors in the upper options are repaired by means of this option. Moreover, it ensures that the problems in relation to WordPress widgets are also settled.
  4. Capture: On the page, every link from top to bottom, including errors linked to scripts are fixed thanks to this option. But, postpone it, execute it out of rush hours since your website performance may get affected.  
  5. Capture All: In case all the early-mentioned options did fail, resort to this ultimate one because it repairs all errors.

At this stage, if you have used the search engine developer tools to discover the reason behind the problem, you are able to employ a suitable configuration in order to settle errors.


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Step 3: Set The Plugin In Motion

Activate The Plugin

To activate, effortlessly pick an option and scroll down to the hilt to select an HTTPS Detection option. Select the option linked to the CDN (Content Delivery Network) in case you are working with a CDN service such as KeyCDN or Cloudflare. Another way, just let it at the default “standard WordPress function”. Eventually, click on the Save Changes button. Now relax and watch the plugin performance!