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How To Earn Money Through WordPress

How To Earn Money Through WordPress

How To Earn Money Through WordPress 

Don’t you wish to gain a lot of bucks with your WordPress site? In fact, who does? WordPress offers a pile of opportunities for entrepreneurs whether they are seeking side livelihoods or want to turn online income into a full-time job. Generating cash from WordPress is doable by various means such as teaching, advertising, managing people’s websites, blogging or selling products, etc.

Are you suffering ideas shortage or lack of inspiration? Don’t panic, digging for dough with a WordPress site is easily feasible since there are plenty of things you can achieve. The list below is a mere starting point, but it should guide you in the right direction.

Are you ready? Have a look at the methods below:

  • Method 1. Gain Cash With A Website.
  • Method 2. Launch an Online Store.
  • Method 3. Make a Membership Website.
  • Method 4. Plugin Design, Web, and Theme.
  • Method 5. Provide Marketing Services.

1. Earn Money With A Website.

A large portion of users just run a WordPress website with no intention to set in motion a certain business. You might be one among them. For you and those people, numerous ways are there to make money! The user base or information is the core of these methods. In other words, if you choose this way, be ready to dedicate your time to engaging your website visitors and marketing your site to make and boost an online income. You can also gain profit alongside other lucrative adventures.

Yet, the question is: How to make money with a website with no dedicated business? The answer is as clear as the sun; Making money with WordPress means commercials. You can implement ads into your website via the help of many ad plugins. Before inserting ads, you must sign up with platforms such as Google Adsense or WordAds. If you get the acceptance, start displaying the ads.

Nevertheless, it is normal that this kind of advertising is usually underpaid. So, If you want to put things under your own control, take things into your own hands. Here, direct advertising is the solution and it often pays more. Yet, it needs you to interact and bargain with businesses that you will display their ads on your site. Note that platforms such as BuySellAds may assist you with direct advertising.

Programs, whether referral or affiliate, are an alternative way to gain cash by just recommending websites you like. Seek sites with affiliate programs, and you are able to generate bucks per click if you refer visitors to them. By the way, WordPress.com itself got its own referral program. Moreover, you can get assistance for managing your referrals thanks to many plugins.

Nevertheless, piling affiliates is not enough. You are called to recommend products that should relatively match the content you are producing and relevant to your audience to attract them. If not, your precious standing is at stake, buddy.

Lastly, another way of making money is donations. Don’t worry, you won’t extend your hand and beg. Other services such as Paypal will do it for you via creating a donate button. Visitors are not naive, so, clarify the reason people should bestow and the destination of the money (website upkeep, future plugin development, living expenses, etc.) Persist on building an active community that is willing to help, and be easy-going and friendly to achieve it.

Keep in mind freelance writing! What if you are a wordsmith?!  An established blog is your tool to get paid composing reviews and articles apart from digging dough from your website. First, boom your magic words in some magnificent articles for yourself. Later, contact companies who might likely be in urgent need of a writer.

2. Launch an Online Store.

Making money with WordPress is easy if you can create something useful or sell a successful product! E-business means WooCommerce which is a user-friendly plugin and well-built. WooCommerce is the right destination to list and sell products online. Easy Digital Downloads is another useful plugin. You might utilize both of those plugins to sell downloadable products. A multitude of other plugins such as customer testimonial sliders WooCommerce and e-commerce sliders, or MailChimp emails are ready to give your store a push towards excellence.

Creativity is definitely within your reach! If you still feel hesitant, go easy, and gain skills until you are sure of your latent potential. Now, have a glance at these ideas for products that can be easily sold on WordPress.

  • Homemade products
  • eBooks
  • Wholesale products
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Photography
  • Video lessons and online courses
  • Subscriptions and memberships
  • Art, digital art, sculpting, and so on
  • T-Shirts and clothing designs
  • Music or podcasts
  • Plugin and theme downloads

Try not to stick to these products and services. Think out of the box and you can sell anything with WordPress that is the best platform to start an online store.

3. Make a Membership Website

You have the possibility to restrict content to only paying customers via plugins, kind of  MemberPress, or WooCommerce Memberships. In case you intend to maintain a long-term engagement with customers, hence, establishing a community instead of dealing with mere single payments, this is a good model.

Take into consideration that a site built with premium WordPress content is likely to be sufficiently profitable. Spurs such as podcasts, private blog posts, forums, webinars, consultations, and else are great to learn about WordPress. In order to drag focus to your website and to let visitors know what they are paying for, make sure you publish some content.

Regardless of the type of content you restrict, you must make it personal. Also, allow the subscribers to express their thoughts -in particular the negative ones- and interact with others. Hence, do not forget to be present to reply and guide.

4. Plugin Design, Web, and Theme.

This subheading contains terms like design and theme. Hence, if you are a developer, photographer, designer, or an artist, WordPress offers a lot of chances to build an income. Themes, graphic designs, and plugins, whether premium or freemium (a portmanteau of the words “free” and “premium”) are in growing demand.

Let’s say you are not certain which themes to make. No issues with Divi or Genesis which are WordPress child themes and frameworks. Enjoy a satisfying start for beginners and a professional one for expert designers as well. In addition and as a service, you can also personalize and tweak blogs.

Making money is easy for WordPress Developers who are able to master the Plugin API. Try always to help people. In case you did observe visitors are seeking something which is not found in WordPress, do not hesitate to create a plugin for it! If you need to do other development gigs, set up blogs, or handle backups, security, and maintenance.

Blog post management and editing is a promising market and customers need assistance getting their blog posts configured (uploading featured images, tagging,… etc), editing content, and tweaking SEO options.

5. Provide Marketing Services.

Any brand is in real need of marketing, yet, several business owners and internet users misunderstand it. If you are an extrovert and a marketing expert, you can gain WordPress marketing services as a fantastic and professional ally.

You could offer several useful and appealing services such as general consultation, A/B testing, SEO management, social media marketing, email marketing, and data analytics/analysis.

Buddy, there is no doubt that you need to learn WordPress and marketing strategies if you want to choose the above path. Frankly speaking, a lot is to learn, yet, a professional helper in addition to a marketing manager is something people with dogged determination will definitely pay for.

Helping Your WordPress Business Thrive

Are you suffering uncertainty about what to do? Completely natural, give yourself time to think deeply. Ads do generate money whether on a blog or a website. That is to say, if you are not into launching a business, simply concentrate on marketing your brand and site.

Do you know that you must dedicate time to practice creating and selling products whether digital or tangible, involving plugins and themes of a particular field? First, take a shot at everything from mixing WordPress video courses to making a theme to selling a piece of apparel. The goal is to find out what matches your skills. Maybe you can learn WordPress for now, and postpone consultation and teaching!

However, you may already have a foot on the first step to launching a successful WordPress business with extraordinary ideas of yours. Ideas that innovate and revive the market by offering what is missing in WordPress.

Keep in mind that digging deep is a must in setting in motion e-commerce. Do you need to cover specific points such as how should you accumulate your money? And how will you fulfill taxation? Furthermore, in case you are gathering bucks or data, remember the privacy policy and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You get charged when you do not include them. In brief, taking all the stuff into consideration does pave your way towards WordPress’s success!

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