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How To Create A WordPress Website 101

How To Create A WordPress Website
How To Create A WordPress Website

Are you ready to create a WordPress website? I believe your answer would be definitely yes. Hence, have an in-depth look at the following priceless guide.

Nowadays, resources allow you to create a website for you or your website with no need to have much knowledge about design, coding, or search engine optimization.

Bit by bit, this thorough guide is your reliable assistance to build a website from the very beginning with no need to resort to professionals.

I do believe you can dedicate at least 60 minutes or 120 at most to apply the easily-to-follow lines, create and launch your WordPress business website. 

To Build a Website, there are few things you need:

First of all, you need a domain name such as your personalized web address.

Then, website hosting is a must. It is the service that will host your website.

Finally, you need a platform that is common and free like WordPress.

The web hosting account and the domain name (web address) must be secured to ensure the complete functionality of your WordPress website. 

Moreover, surely you must grant full access to your clients and people in general. The web hosting account and the web address ensure full access to your website. Yet, be aware that you are unable to establish and set up your website properly in the absence of one of them or both.

You can build a WordPress website the moment you own a hosting and a domain and hosting. The talk about WordPress is justified because it’s the most well-known website building platform. By the way, statistics show that thirty percent (30%) of internet websites do use it.

Normally, the website hosting you are using proven-click processes you a one-click process, thus, simplifying setting up a WordPress site and once you are done with the guide, your website is fully working online.

It’s a piece of cake, Let us begin…

1st Step: Choose a Web Address

Without no doubt, you need a domain name to create a website and of course, it is going to be your website address and name. The visitors use the website address you gave to find you.

You need to know that domain names’ cost starts from $10 and may reach $50 a year. The average price tag is approximately $15.

In case you did not have a registered domain name or you haven’t chosen a web address for your website, the assistance is right down:

  • The website is for your business, so your domain name should be your company name. For example YourCompanyName.com
  • Let’s say you’re setting up a personal website for yourself. In that case, YourName.com is the perfect option.
  • If you are targeting the international visitors, then you must use a “generic” domain name extension like .com, .org, .net. Yet, if your audience is a specific country, then use a “local” domain name extension such as .de, .fr, or .ru.

A weakness on the internet is not owning your name huh. You don’t have to worry if your domain name is taken. More than 300 million different domain names are indeed registered, but a billion other possibilities are still available.

You don’t have a domain name? No need to register one because below,

I will show you the way to get a website address for free for the first year (step 2):

2nd Step: Register Domain and Get Web Hosting 

You need a website hosting (web hosting) in addition to having a domain name.

First of all, allow me to explain what a Web hosting is? Web hosting is a service that deals with hosting and storing the files or content of your website on a secure server that is always running. Assuming that you do not have a web host, the visitors will not be able to reach your website.

A trustworthy and low-cost web hosting for new websites costs usually between $3 to $10 monthly. Looks so cheap, cheaper than a notepad, yet, it remains a crucial investment for the good of your website.

Well, the features offered by the web hosting company is as important as  the web hosting company itself, so make sure it has the following features:

  • Customer support availability.  Best be 24/7 live chat
  • Custom email accounts
  • FREE website address with SSL (for security)
  • One-click-install for WordPress (free)
  • Unlimited or unmetered bandwidth (no traffic limitations)

We recommend Bluehost.com for web hosting and domains. You may wonder why? As we mentioned the features, Bluehost.com offers free domain registration for the first year. In other words, the free registration saves you time and money.

The entire essential features to set up a website are provided by Bluehost hosting plans starting from ($3.95/mo) to ($2.75/mo)

Now, let us show you how to get a web hosting account. 

1) To get a web hosting account, just visit Bluehost and click on “Get Started Now”.

How To Create A WordPress Website

2) Then, choose your web hosting plan (choice plus is entirely unlimited and basic is best for new sites):

How To Create A WordPress Website

3) Next, choose and register a domain name (which is free for the first year):

How To Create A WordPress Website

Remember that Bluehost doesn’t offer country-specific domain endings, like .fr, .ru, de, or .fr.  So in case, you need them, head to GoDaddy.com or Domain.com separately.

You already have a domain name you bought somewhere else? This is fine, Bluehost allows you to add it to your new hosting plan. Simply you will need a few additional steps – such as updating your name servers. Here’s a guide from Bluehost on how to get it done.

4) Once you have fully completed the process of your registration, getting instant access will only take a few minutes, so you can start building your website immediately.

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How To Create A WordPress Website

3rd Step: Set Up Your WordPress Website (Through Web Host)

The moment you got your domain name and web hosting ready, you will need to pick up and install a website building platform (aka CMS).

You want your website to be professional and unique? Who doesn’t! Thus, we recommend WordPress due to its ease of use and numerous free designs and add-ons.

The good news is that setting up your WordPress website is uncomplicated, and your web host does most of the work for you.

Here is another good news. In case you do not use Bluehost as a web hosting, it is fine. Many web hosting providers have “WordPress install” located in the hosting cPanel. So, if you are dealing with a web host that doesn’t provide “one-click installs“, set up WordPress manually.

1) How to install WordPress Website on Bluehost

  1. Log in to your Bluehost account
  2. Click on “My Sites” then on “Create Site

How To Create A WordPress Website

  1. Fill some basic information about your site, and WordPress installation will start. It will all be done automatically.
  2. When the setup is finished, Bluehost will show you the installation and login details. Save the details somewhere safe.

How To Create A WordPress Website

2) Type Your Domain Address To Test Your Website 

Once WordPress is installed, test if everything functions properly.

How to do the test? Simply type your domain name into the web browser.

If WordPress is correctly installed, you will see such a following interface:

How To Create A WordPress Website

Well, you may not like it, but soon you will learn how to change the design to meet what you have in mind.

3) Verify SSL/HTTPS Settings

Briefly, the SSL certificate assures that your website is delivered to your visitors securely.

The moment you install WordPress or create a new website, Bluehost automatically adds an SSL. To check the status of the SSL of your site, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost portal
  2. Click on “My Sites”
  3. Go to your site and click on “Manage Site
  4. Go to the “Security” tab
  5. Under “Security Certificate,” you’ll find your “Free SSL Certificate” status

If all is ok, you should notice a lock icon next to your website address in the web browser.

The SSL is set up completely in a few hours, but that shouldn’t tackle continuing building your website.

4th Step: Personalize Your Website Structure and Design

Once the website is ready, you can choose a cool design, customize it, and append branding elements.

Get started with:

1) Choose a Theme for Your Website

The themes of WordPress fully change the look of your entire website. Moreover, WordPress themes are interchangeable. In other words, you can switch from a theme to another swiftly.

What matters more is the presence of countless free and paid WordPress themes available online.

How To Create A WordPress Website

The official theme directory at WordPress.org, in particular, the section for the most popular themes is where the majority of people like to start when they seek a free theme.

By the way, all the themes there are of remarkably great quality. How to know that? They have a gigantic number of users.

Browse freely through them and choose what marvels you. Yet, the good thing is, even with themes, we can recommend something for you to speed up the process with satisfaction. Neve is what we recommend. It’s an all-around theme serving you with numerous starter sites, in other words, design packages for different niches and types of websites.

We will resort to that theme in this guide.

2) Install Theme That Suits You

In your WordPress admin interface. You can find it at YOURSITE.com/wp-admin. Fill the username and password you got during WordPress installation.

  1. From the sidebar, go to “Themes → Add New.”

How To Create A WordPress Website

  1. In the search box, type “Neve” and click on the “Install” button next to the name of the theme

How To Create A WordPress Website

  1. Once the installation is done, click on the “Activate” button that will appear in place of the “Install” button.
  2. You’ll spot a success message, so the process is well done…

3) Import a Design (Only for Neve Theme Users)

I know the theme is active now, yet, there are a few more things you need to do to make so it looks right.

You are going to see this welcome message:

How To Create A WordPress Website

Neve welcomes you not only with one design, but a whole range of different ones to choose from. Click on the big blue button to see them.

How To Create A WordPress Website

More than 20 designs await you for free. Also, they cover most of the popular website niches, like fitness, restaurants, business, food, music, photography, and more. In short, whatever your topic is, you will find a matching design package.

To gain time and for the goal of this guide, we will choose the initial one on the list which is named “Original.”

Notice that the process of this installation covers all the elements your site needs. You get the design itself, the entire plugins required to make it work. Moreover, you got demo content that you can modify later.

Click on the “Import” button to get everything. After about a minute, you’ll spot the success message.

How To Create A WordPress Website

Next, go to “Appearance → Neve Options” to see what else you can do with the theme.

How To Create A WordPress Website

We will together explore some of these options below:

4) Add a Logo

Uploading a logo and displaying it in the top left corner is what most users want to do in the first place. So, let us do it.

💡 A DIY  logo is available for you. Here’s a tool to help you create a logo yourself.

When your logo’s ready, attach it to your site. Go to “Appearance → Neve Options” then click on the link with the label “Upload Logo.”


This page will show up:

How To Create A WordPress Website

The name of this interface is the WordPress Customizer. What is its role? It allows you to edit different aspects of the appearance of your website. As a start, you can upload your logo. To do that, click on the “Select Logo” button, which is near the top left corner.

WordPress allows cropping the logo.

How To Create A WordPress Website

In a brief time, you should be seeing your logo in the corner of the page.

Besides, displaying the site name and the tagline alongside the logo are options for you to choose from. And you can set the max-width of the logo. Try these settings and pick what goes with you.

The “Publish” button is on the top left corner, click on it when done, and then click on the “X” button to exit the Customizer.

5) Change the Website Color Scheme and Fonts

Changing the color schemes and fonts on the site is a great option to try. Since you are learning how to create a website, this is a simple step in making your site more unusual and reflecting your brand.

  1. Go to “Appearance → Neve Options” again. We will zero in on the next two options:

How To Create A WordPress Website

      2. Click on “Set Colors.”

Note that the majority of WordPress themes are defined by the color scheme they use for various elements of the design and, commonly speaking, those are colors of texts on the site, the links, and backgrounds. Via Customizer, you can change the color assignments for the Neve theme.

  1. To switch any of the colors, just click and pick a new one.

How To Create A WordPress Website

      2. Click on “Publish” and “X” when you are done.

Also, changing fonts works the same way:

  1. Click on the “Customize Fonts” link in the “Appearance → Neve Options” panel.
  2. Neve will let you pick from a whole catalog of system fonts and Google Fonts.
  3. Click on the “Font Family” box and select the font you like.
  4. How To Create A WordPress Website
  5. Then, you can tweak the individual fonts of your headings.

Try these settings to see their effect on your WordPress website.

  1. Click on the arrow button near the top left to personalize the font used for the body section of your site.
  2. Click on “General.” This will lead you to a similar options panel. This time you will adjust the main body font.
  3. Click on “Publish” and “X” when done.

6) Add a Sidebar

With the “Appearance → Neve Options” panel you can set the look of your sidebar. Click on “Content / Sidebar” to start.

Here, three options are available which are: no sidebar, sidebar to the left, or sidebar to the right. The classic layout for most websites is Sidebar to the right. Setting the width of the content is also an option. Once you are done, click on “Publish” and “X.”

7) Add Widgets (Free WordPress Add-Ons)

First of all, what are widgets? Widgets are small content blocks that usually show up in websites’ sidebars. And regarding that you have just set the sidebar in the preceding step, we move now to personalizing it with widgets.

Go to “Appearance → Widgets.” You will notice the following:

How To Create A WordPress Website

As shown, all the available widgets are on the left, and on the right, you can see all the widgets are supported by your current theme. To add a widget to the sidebar, the task is a piece of cake, just grab the widget from the left, drag and drop it onto the sidebar area.

Let’s take an example, let us suppose you want to list all your pages in the sidebar. Simply grab the “Pages” widget and drag it onto the sidebar section, as simple as that. Moreover, you can also set up some basic settings of the widget.

8) Test The Built Theme 

The already seen stuff should be enough to build a website that excels and sounds authentic. Yet, many more options are still at your service.

To check them, head to “Appearance → Customize.” This is going to ignite the main interface of the Customizer with all presets and settings.

How To Create A WordPress Website

We encourage you to browse through what’s available there and play around with some of the options. You’ll likely stumble upon some customizations we haven’t discussed here.

5th Step: Add Pages/Content to Your WordPress Website

The core of your website in one word is Pages. Technically speaking, a web page is like a word document. Only, your branding elements substitute the footer and the header.

In your WordPress, no worries about building web pages. However, before seeing the way to create them, allow me to show you the kinds, types, or names of pages you should have on the site.

The following pages, with this order, need to be present:

  • Homepage – The main page your visitors see the moment they enter your website
  • About page – The page that clarifies what your WordPress website is about
  • Contact page – This page allows your visitors to contact you via email, social media, or else.
  • Blog page – This page lists your most recent blog posts. However, in case you do not plan to blog, the blog page can be turned into a place for your business news and announcements.
  • Services page – In case the website is not personal, I mean it is for your business, use this page to exhibit your services
  • Shop page – An eCommerce store is to launch? Create a shop page.

At the level of the structure, the above pages look all almost the same – the only difference is the content of each page. Simply, the moment you know the method to create a page on your WordPress website, the remaining pages follow the same way. Yet, there is some distinction, so, below we are seeing how to create some essential types of pages:

1) Building a Homepage

With Neve, your homepage seems something like this:

How To Create A WordPress Website

You can modify both the elements and the structure of this page including the texts and images.

To accomplish this, click on “Edit with Elementor” in the top bar.

How To Create A WordPress Website

What you’ll see is the interface of the Elementor page builder.

How To Create A WordPress Website

Elementor seems to be the best free Builder Of WordPress Website. It is a visual page builder. Videlicet, you have the opportunity to directly edit any element you see on the page by a click. By way of illustration, changing the main headline needs just a click on it and starting typing.

How To Create A WordPress Website

An entire customization panel is on the left sidebar. Adjusting the style and the structure of any content block is feasible. As an example, when working on the headline, this what you are going to notice:

How To Create A WordPress Website

Moreover, you can grab onto any element on the page, and drag-and-drop it anywhere you want.

By clicking on the small square icon in the top left corner, you can add new elements. Then, a list of all the content blocks will be available. Just grab any of the blocks and drag it onto the canvas of the page.

How To Create A WordPress Website

To excel working on your homepage, go block by block, and edit the demo content that is on the page.

Now, type in new text content then realign some of the blocks, delete what you do not need, and add new ones correspondingly.

The use of this interface is fully instinctive. Hence, all you need is to spend sixty minutes or a little more on it and try different things.

2) Build Pages Like “Contact”, “About”, “Services”

It is easy to create classic web pages in WordPress. Go into “Pages → Add New.” You are going to meet this interface:

How To Create A WordPress Website

A title is a must for every page, so begin by adding a title where it says “Add a title.” As an example: “Contact” or ‘’About us’’

After that, choose a page layout. In case the user is building a standard page, he can start with the initial layout on the list  that is “Single Row.” However, to accelerate things, you can pick from the template library. So, click on the blue button.

You are going to see a window that lets you choose from a range of pre-made page sections. Let us suppose that you are working on your ‘’about page’’, for example, you can swiftly find and use the following blocks:

How To Create A WordPress Website

All you need to do is to click on the “Insert” button next to the block you like. It’ll be added to the page. Then, if you want, personalize it, replace images or change the texts.

How To Create A WordPress Website

The moment you finish it, click on the “Publish” button that is in the top right corner of the screen.

When you work on your contact page or services page, you need just to follow the same process 

Choose different page blocks from the template library. Example: The following should function well on a services page:

How To Create A WordPress Website

In case you want to add new page elements by hand, without using the templates, then click on the “+” icon in the top left corner of the editor interface.

How To Create A WordPress Website

The block you select will be added at the bottom of your page. See down what a new paragraph block is like:

How To Create A WordPress Website

As you did notice, you are free to edit and change the properties of the text. Also, color settings are available in the right sidebar.

Do not forget to click on “Publish” when you finish.

3) Creating a Blog Page

The blog page contains the listing of your most recent blog posts.

Fortunately, this page has already been created for you the time you installed WordPress and the Neve theme. See the page by going to “Pages”:

How To Create A WordPress Website

Just click on the “View” link to see your blog page working.

How to add new blog posts:

To add new blog posts, all you need is to do is to go to “Posts → Add New.”

How To Create A WordPress Website

This interface rings a bell, doesn’t it? Sure, this is the same editing interface we worked on to build standard pages. What a piece of cake!

6th Step: Setting Up A Navigation Menu

Setting up a navigation menu (a website menu) is the next step in the presence of well-created pages on your WordPress website. Your visitors will use the menu to move from page to page on your website.

Just go to “Appearance → Menus,” then, click on “create a new menu.”

How To Create A WordPress Website

Below is the method of creating your first menu bit by bit:

How To Create A WordPress Website

  1. Begin by adding a title. The menu title is not a big deal, yet, it helps recognize your menu amidst other menus (this means that you are free to get more than one).
  2. Select the pages that you want to add to your menu. Here,  you can affix other items to the menu, items such as personalized links or posts.
  3. At this moment, to join the selected pages to your menu, click on the “Add to Menu” button.
  4. Now, drag-and-drop menu items to sort the links according to their importance.
  5. Select a menu display location. This is different from a theme to another. Hence, setting your menu to the “Primary” location will show the menu in the header.
  6. Finally, save your menu.

Arriving at this point, you will see your professional menu on the homepage.

7th Step: Add An eCommerce / Online Store

Building an eCommerce is the ultimate thing we are doing in this guide. Besides, keep in mind that not all websites have an online store.

How Does WordPress Online store Work

WordPress is a flexible all-round website platform. It does let you create a fully functional eCommerce. The expression fully functional denotes the possibility to list an unlimited number of products and make them ready for sale. Furthermore, you can gather orders from your clients and why not manage all tax- and shipping-related stuff of the entire process.

This process is done thanks to a plugin named WooCommerce which is WordPress’s number one most famous and functional eCommerce solution.

When you install WooCommerce on your WordPress website and when products are  added in your catalog, you are going to observe that, during the process and automatically, new pages have been created by WooCommerce, which are:

  • “Cart” – Is the shopping cart of your store
  • “Checkout” – This page allows customers to complete their purchases.
  • “My account” – Here is where each customer’s profile is located; This page holds current details, past orders, in addition to other personal data and of course, the customers can always edit their information.
  • “Shop” / “Products” – This is of course the main shop page where your products are listed.

Without no doubt, each page plays a well-determined role for your store and most of the themes, including Neve, are optimized to enhance those pages. Pay a visit to any of these present-day pages and your eyes will see that the presentation is clear and easily understood. Here is an exhibit of the shopping cart page:

How To Create A WordPress Website

Aside from that, these pages function like any other page on your WordPress website. Meaning you can edit, add your elements, or change layouts, colors, etc. However, when doing this, watch out!!! Do not erase the WooCommerce shortcodes which are already there. Moreover, you are going to spot a new cart icon on the main menu of your site.

Your online store is operational at this stage. In other words, your customers can start shopping. Now, you will see their orders in the WordPress admin area under “WooCommerce → Orders.”

How To Create A WordPress Website

You are Ready To Launch Your WordPress Website!