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How To Add A Shop To WordPress

Add A Shop To WordPress
How To Add A Shop To WordPress

How To Add A Shop To WordPress 

The talk of the town became coronavirus. Many companies and shops announced bankruptcy. Meanwhile, people are struggling to, either maintain their business or find a new window. E-commerce is, perhaps, the only getaway. For instance, Jeff Bezos made the highest fortune thanks to Amazon. Hence, your real key is online selling.  

Recently, individuals tend to deal with small businesses and nearby ones like restaurants and retail. You will resort to WooCommerce in order to pave the path for possible buyers to purchase your online items without leaving their chairs..

WooCommerce is the stable and reliable solution you are seeking in case you do own a WordPress site. This way, your business will prosper in an atmosphere of joy and relief. 

Reasons Behind WooCommerce Worth?

Once you immerse yourself in eBusiness, wisely pick the utmost trusted eCommerce tool for your gigs and website. WooCommerce provides several solutions, some of which are listed below :


  • Personalize your WordPress site in order to satisfy any given online commerce demand. Here, WooCommerce does provide a wide repository of extensions dedicated to shipping, accounting, commercializing and more
  • Pick from an arranged line-up of payment windows options. What is a payment gateway? It is a third-party service providing clients with a safe online paying way. WooCommerce embodies famous services like Stripe and Paypal. In addition, extra universal and local gateways also exist. Have a look at the entire options of payment gateway.
  • Access detailed documentation and support. WooCommerce provides extensive instructions, written for a variety of tech skill levels, that walk you through everything you need to know to run an online store. If you need additional help, there are forums that cover many topics and questions, along with a ticket system for paid products.
  • Get admission to assistance and in-depth documentation. WooCommece offers comprehensive instructions that are devoted to various levels of technological skills. To learn how to manage a virtual store, the instructions will help you dive deep into the required data. 

Yet, several inquiries and subjects are dealt with by forums in case you want extra assistance. Moreover, a       ticket system is available for paid items.

  • Commercialize numerical and/or tangible items. For that purpose, WooCommerce puts in your hand all that you need.
  • Launch within the budget. As mentioned earlier, WooCommerce is a WordPress unpaid plugin. Yet, regarding the services, design features, and extensions you pick, costs shift. But, there are still good tidings: Basically speaking, you are putting fewer bucks when using WooCommerce than with the majority of the remaining eBusiness solutions. Here, you will find how much starting a store does cost.


  • Without issues, change your current site into an online store. Already owning a WordPress site means WooCommerce merges with your actual site. Moreover, setting it up is free. Smile, what you are used to dealing with, stays still.

On your current WordPress site, Build a WooCommerce store

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1. Set Up and Set In Motion WooCommerce

In case you are used to working with WordPress plugins, the procedures of creating a WooCommerce store are a cool piece of cake. Click here for an in-depth guide of installing WooCommerce.

2. Include your categories and products

Including your products is the cool part here. It is like creating a page or post in WordPress. Over it, there are fields for images, pricing, and other details. To commence including products, read this bit-by-bit guide.

A crucial thing about including products is “product descriptions”. They must be informatory and plain. Yet, to sell, your passion should make them creative. You need a stimulus! These models are amazing motivation. 

Note that arranging your products in categories is a significant move, which is trivial in case you have only some products. Generally speaking, large stores do need categorizing to facilitate shopping and finding the item in the shortest time. 

Classifying is done according to size, price, kind, etc. For example, if you are selling apparel, your criteria are age, sex, and size. If you are selling books, the main criterion would be the center of interest. Hence, your business defines your standards. You still do not know how to do it? No worries, here is how to manage items categories.

3. Set up a shop page

Now, the following move is exhibiting the products on the site. Details about setting up a shop page are in this document. In case you intend to create extra content surrounding your items, employ shortcodes to affix them to current pages. 

blog Hydratem8@2x

Photo © https://hydratem8.com/

Hydratem8 contains clients’ stories, videos, photos, and information related to the utility of the products on their shop pages to accentuate the greatness of their bottles of water.


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4. Non-compulsory step: Affix courses and/or memberships.

You need a specific configuration for your WordPress site in case you plan to commercialize services such as online courses and memberships. Below, we will see together how certain actual stores employ extension for getting set up:

WooCommerce Memberships: A fantastic model showing what WooCommerce Memberships extensions are capable of is the art website Brush and Pencil. Brush and Pencil company commercializes tangible items. In addition, it provides membership options along with exercises, videos, projects, and miscellaneous stuff. Have a glance at their page of membership sign up. The functionalities are done via WooCommerce Memberships.

WooCommerce Paid Courses:  Advantage Learn is a South African company that resorts to the Paid Courses extension to offer virtual math courses and preparation for tests. 

By the way, paid courses are not obligatorily linked to educational companies. Any business can provide the service. But, how to do it? Simply, know the needs of your clients and improvise a creative way to convey the solution according to a didactic model.


Make your mind How to execute and deliver orders

You have to make your mind how to deliver products to their destinations. In case your items are biodegradable and breakable, then, your mail must undergo a particular protective packaging process. 

Above that, you must pick a transporter and determine the shipping cost percentage the clients will be handed down. In addition, decide which type of fulfillment approach is going to assist you to maintain the utmost precise records and the best service for customers. Know the principles of fulfillment and shipping and have a look at the entire list of obtainable extensions.

Note that an up-to-date WooCommerce update did facilitate these steps. Check what becomes feasible thanks to the WooCommerce 4.0 update.

You recall the plastic art course back at school! Product packaging is also fun and more. The packaging creates a marketing window generating more selling, higher referrals, and extra money generators. Learn about marketing via product packaging in this article.

Your best clients’ Market

What you already know is what you already have; your first customers are the best, dude! Almost any site and blog do have a following. You are present on social media, man! This is your start, count on it.

When you start an eBusiness store, set it in motion at first for already known followers who love and rely on the brand you are commercializing. You are going to transmit emails dealing with the offerings of your novel item. 

It is preferable that the offerings be unprecedented unique sales. Posting should begin on social media to occupy people’s thinking, inciting them to visit your virtual store.

blog Layla@2x

Photo © https://laylasleep.com/

Moreover, letting your customers have an idea about your novel items is crucial. For example, Layla Sleep employs a pop-up that is bright orange to highlight ads about actual sales. 

blog Aunt Fannies@2x

Photo © https://auntfannies.com/

Another model, for announcements and significant data,  did affix a focus-catching bar at the top of their site. It is Aunt Fannie’s  

You have the possibility to take advantage of alike design to spread the word about launching your virtual store. Also, you can use the sidebar of the site to join your products, or even include them with the page content.

Allure and Enlarge

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The moment of engagement of the known clients with the store is your shot to attract new audiences via the revenue. In addition, request reviews and extra stuff to boost and reproduce purchase. 

Paid social commercials, paid digital search advertisements, social media, email marketing, and extra ones are your keys to drag more clients. The moment they are in, allure them to buy via unpaid models, first-ever offers, and downloads.

Take into consideration that WooCommerce offers several commercializing extensions to assist you in getting and engaging clients.


Prepared, Tweak, Sell

Starting a novel E-Business store is marveling. The bedrock of the business is shown in this bit-by-bit guide. You ought to periodically re-read this article to refresh your knowledge in order to achieve success. As known, continuous commercialization and creativity do boost the chance to overcome speed bumps and satisfy the customers’ needs. No pain no gain. 

Help is always within your reach either by reading a thorough article or by contacting support.